Social media is the perfect definition for ' word of mouth '. From tweeting the most extraordinary things to liking your idols pictures on Instagram. Whatever the post, someone is more then likely to take an interest into either the account or post log, which is why social media is a crucial and forceful way of advertising your business.

In order to collect followers you must control the consistency and quality of your posts. Why does it matter? Funny pictures of cats or dogs may gain a few extra looks and turns but in order to really get hold of your window shoppers, you must publish informative and directive posts.

Here's a few tips:

  • Using a ' # ' can increase views, the reason is with the simple formula of a ' # ' with a relatable subject after can give great results and relate to what you are searching for. An example: #Localbusinessnews or #happy.
  • Remain consistent, remember once you have built an account, keep the quantity of your posts rising and quality improving. No followers want to see the same boring and old tweets, they want to view refreshing and innovative posts.
  • Become relevant to your followers. Remember to research your followers age groups and interests. You do not want to be posting about your local news to a someone who is a lot younger then your target market who clearly states on his profile he takes major interests into video games and new sweet brands. It just becomes irrelevant making your audience unfollowing.

Here at freshthinkingmedia we aim to make sure your account gets the input it deserves. We will publish tweets and posts to your social media accounts on a daily basis meaning your account is continuously active and in use. We wont just post random information from the internet, instead we will make sure your tweets and posts seek potential. For more information feel free to drop us an email or phone call.


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