Barrons BDS – Display Banners – 2015

We designed display banners to give a clear introduction on what Barrons charted accountants really can deliver. The display banners are now all around the Barrons office, which have been receiving outstanding feedback from all customers entering the business.

Below you can view the display banners at the charted accountants office, which are currently doing a great job of bringing in customers.

IMG_9707 IMG_9709

Barrons-BDS – Marketing Specialists – 2005

Barrons charted accountants are business development specialists. They aim to deliver a proactive, cost effective service that is orientated toward the needs of you and your business and which extends beyond basic accountancy and taxation services.

We have been working with Barrons since 2005 which has been an exciting journey right from the start. The website was only the beginning of our relationship with Barrons, we also carry out marketing for them. We continue to strengthen our communication as we still carry out work for them to this day.

Why not even check out Barrons, click here!

Quill Construction – New Website – 2014

Quill Construction Limited have a large client base, carrying out maintenance and refurbishment projects to commercial and private clients. During the last sixteen years Quill Construction Ltd have demonstrated a professional, reliable and friendly service to all their clients ranging from Housing Associations, Local Governments to Facilities Management companies to bespoke work to private organisations and individuals.

We created the website for Quill construction in February 2015, in which we enjoyed creating from start to finish. We are still in contact with Quill construction and keep an ongoing relationship with them. We have trained one of their team members to maintain the website from their personal office. This is just one of the many services that come with Karubu.

Click here to visit Quill construction

Acres Way – New Website – 2014

Acres Way Kennels has been caring for dogs for over 20 years. They look after both borders and strays and provide a high level of attention to every dog under there roof. They take in strays for Southend, Rochford, CastlePoint and Basildon Councils, as well as from members of the public.

We designed the acres way website in 2015, which was a very fun project because Karubu are huge dog lovers! We had to input a lot of time and effort to please Acres way and they were more than satisfied with our work.

4 – Business – Logo Design – 2015


The business logo was an interesting but exciting project. We discussed the logo with the 4 businesses throughout meeting, but this became a difficult design because each firm had a different design concept thought through.

Lucky enough Karubu nailed it down to satisfy all businesses and produced a logo with a burst of energy and colour. But how did we do it?

Each accountancy firm has their own assigned colour, which we used to our advantage. Ayers and Cruiks use Purple, Barrons use blue, BTMK used green and Joseph Lamb used orange. Karubu soon studied hard and got stuck in., coming up with the perfect design concept.

Once the logo had been created, we sent it to each firm for feedback. Each business was more than happy with the design and chose to stuck with this logo.

The 4-Business logo was then created and published.

German auto works – Marketing Plan – 2015

The German Auto Works specialise in first class service and maintenance to German motor vehicles.

With over 30 years experience in MOT’s, clutch repair and replacement, mechanical repairs, car maintenance and yearly servicing, Germanautoworks offer a unique service to all of their customers, at an amazing price.

The German Auto Works were formed by The Orange Car Company, who are also another one of our important clients…

If you would like to visit the German auto works, simply click here

4-Business – Business Magazine – 2016

4-Business is a brand new promosing business magazine, formed by 4 accountancy firms in the Essex area. The 4-business magazine is going to be distributed into the London and Essex area, for anyone to pick up and enjoy an interesting read.

The businesses involved in the magazine are: Barrons-bds, BTMK, Ayers & Cruiks and Joseph Lamb. The accountants have put a lot of hard work and time supplying Karubu with detailed articles, which we have used to create the 4-business magazine.

The first edition of 4-business magazine went to print on 14th of March 2016


4-Business – New Website – 2016

4-Business offer a tangible copy of the magazine, but what if you require the magazine at your finger tips?

Lucky enough, the 4-Business has a website which allows anyone to go ahead and view live copies through the website. Cool right?

Click here to view the latest copy of 4-business: 4-Business