4 – Business – Logo Design – 2015


The business logo was an interesting but exciting project. We discussed the logo with the 4 businesses throughout meeting, but this became a difficult design because each firm had a different design concept thought through.

Lucky enough Karubu nailed it down to satisfy all businesses and produced a logo with a burst of energy and colour. But how did we do it?

Each accountancy firm has their own assigned colour, which we used to our advantage. Ayers and Cruiks use Purple, Barrons use blue, BTMK used green and Joseph Lamb used orange. Karubu soon studied hard and got stuck in., coming up with the perfect design concept.

Once the logo had been created, we sent it to each firm for feedback. Each business was more than happy with the design and chose to stuck with this logo.

The 4-Business logo was then created and published.